Matt Brooks Is Connected To The Mountaineering Community

Posted by Admin / November 15th, 2012

Many in the mountaineering community would agree that Matt Brooks of San Francisco is uniquely connected to the culture through his long experience and contributions to the sport. Although, he is potentially more known for his lengthy sailing resume, Mr. Brooks’ experience and contributions in the realm of mountaineering are arguably more meritorious. He takes great pride in being a member of a community where failure is not an option.


Failure was not an option when Matt Brooks founded his Brooks-Range company in 1995. In fact, the opposite was true as Brooks set out to establish a company that would appeal exclusively to the dedicated mountaineering community. Using his experience and innovation from his time as a mountain guide, William Mathews Brooks propped the company up on his rescue sled and ski guide card inventions. Brooks has even modified his original inventions to include new versions. The company has been extremely successful and only entered the professional market in 2007. In 2012, Brooks-Range has 95 percent of the market share for top quality mountaineering equipment.

Awards and AMGA Membership

Matt Brooks’ company and contributions were a large part of the reasons why the American Mountain Guides Association made the decision to award him with the Lifetime Achievement in Mountain Guiding Award in 2012. According to the criteria, a person receiving this award must display exemplary character that is worthy of emulation and have made significant contributions to the mountain guiding community. Matt Brooks’ inventions and company are certainly worthy of this designation. Brooks has also been a member of the AMGA for a significant amount of time.

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