Matt Brooks Introduces Latest Snow Safety Device

Posted by Admin / July 2nd, 2013

The Brooks-Range Mountaineering Company recently launched the new snow density gauge, a valuable new device that will be used to save the lives of adventurers worldwide.

“Receiving the patent and officially introducing another effective snow science tool to the exponentially growing backcountry market is an encouraging step in the right direction for furthering snow science education,” says Matt Brooks of San Francisco, owner of Brooks-Range Mountaineering Company.

The innovative snow density gauge was first envisioned and then developed by Matt Brooks, an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) certified mountain guide and snow science educator. The gauge is an extremely accurate and compact device used to determine the content of snow pack moisture, rates of metamorphism, precipitation rates, snow pit data, snow loading and fresh snow quality. All this information comes together to give users an accurate picture of a potential avalanche hazard in particular areas.

As with all of Brooks-Range products, the newest snow density gauge is made with adventurers’ safety in mind. The gauge was tested and is currently being used by the world’s most respected avalanche and mountaineering experts, observers and forecasters including the National Weather Service.

Matt Brooks of San Francisco and his company Brooks-Range never cease to push the boundaries of conventional design in order to create new and improved gear for adventurers worldwide.